Industrial Spray Booths and Extraction Systems

We produce a range of industrial spray booth systems to provide efficient environments for finishing including:

  • Wet paint, varnish and lacquers
  • Ceramic glaze
  • Resins and enamels
  • Lubricants


We also produce dye-penetrant spray applications for Non-Destructive Testing and crack detection. Our industrial spray booths are available with a range of extraction systems including:

  • Dry Filter booths using double row filters including ‘Andrea’ paper filters and ‘Paint Stop’ mesh filters
  • Baffle Booth Systems using multi-row baffle screens to recover overspray in ceramic processes.
  • Water wash systems with water curtain and scrubbing chambers for most types of spraying media.
  • Enclosed Spray Room applications with filtered and heated make-up air input facilities
  • Powder paint booths in a range of sizes for static, manual and continual conveyorised applications.

We can design industrial spray enclosures in formats to suit your process needs from single operator units to multi-user systems with operator and product apertures to suit your component sizes.

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